LKY One Year On

One year on and memorials to The Man are everywhere. Time to:

  • turn to the poetry anthology, A Luxury We Cannot Afford, edited by Joshua Ip and Christine Chia
  • reread Gwee li Sui's poem about Ah Kong
  • visit the Royston Tan curated video installation 'A Moment of Unity'
  • buy Left-Right, a new photo book put together by Geraldine Kang & Kenneth Tay.
    'A record of our complicities and anxieties surrounding Singapore's image factory.'
  • look again at my four photo stories on LKY's passing taken last March with some favourite images shown below

Vigil, Singapore General Hospital

Tribute, Tanjong Pagar Community Centre

After, Lee Kuan Yew Lying in State

Cortege, Goodbye Lee Kuan Yew, Kampong Bahru