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"I am still at a loss, holding my breath by the end of it, as the couple surrender to “the phenomenon”. But is the final act faith-induced, awaiting what is on the other side? Or is it a mutual suicide, leaping in reverse into the void? Whichever the conclusion, We Rose Up Slowly allows the local landscape to utterly disappear — to eclipse — and this is what is most haunting for me.

The book is a prescient reminder, perhaps the first amongst many, that I need not look across the waters, but only up the sky-scrapers in the centre, to find fantasy. I can dream with authors like Jon Gresham so that the absurd undoes the quotidian structures on this island, releasing “silver lockets” of magic into the air."

Christina Chua, LocalBooks.Sg, September 2016

"Gresham's surrealistic stories, at their best, shake us from within, and deepen the notion that we are islands of consciousness; in this way, they compel us to confront our own intellectual detachments and emotional blindspots in order for us to engage better with the world. 
They are also fundamentally stories about our modern world, its cross-cultural realities, and the fractured lives we lead in them. We Rose Up Slowly is an absorbing and disturbing read definitely worth spending an afternoon with."

Sam Ng, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, July 2016

'Gresham’s beautifully subtle prose bears within it the sense of something devastating, something tumultuous, something painfully moving; this something he never quite articulates and yet surely we recognise it. The experience of reading the collection reminded me of this quote from Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape: “We lay there without moving. But under us all moved, and moved us, gently, up and down, from side to side.”’

Cheryl Julia Lee, My Book of the Year, Singapore Poetry

"It's a book to sink into: one is in the hands (or shall we say "fingers?") of an excellent storyteller."

Jee Leong Koh, Poet & author of Steep Tea

"This is an Excellent read." 

Verne Maree, Expatriate Living Singapore - October 2015

"Most memorable are The Finger, a triangle between an expat couple and their maid, as well as A Girl And A Guy In A Kijang In Kemang, in which a tale of forbidden love from ancient Java plays out in a Jakarta traffic jam."

Singapore Bookshelf, The Straits Times

"I think what I enjoyed most about We Rose Up Slowly was the clarity and simplicity with which the complicated backstories of the characters was presented ... generous in the meaning and enjoyment it provides ... I will definitely be re-reading it soon."

Alisa Maya, Reader & Writer

"...each protagonist has to confront the gap between messy reality and romantic idealism; each one is looking for an escape, and knows that nothing will be the same again."

Asian Books Blog - September 2015

"This is an excellent book for the busy Singaporean who might not have time for a full-length novel. Each story can probably be finished within the length of the time it takes to travel to work. I would also recommend it as a gift for birthdays because it a refreshing breath of fresh air in the local scene."

Rachel's Book Reviews - August 2015