About the Stories

We Rose Up Slowly 

As gravity leaks away, a man and his partner decide whether to follow her parents and take the path to rise up slowly.

Rashid at The Sail

A young man, kicked out of home by his mother, stays in his brother’s luxury condominium at The Sail trying to work out what to do with his life.

Walking Backwards Up Bukit Timah Hill

A strange beast lurking in the jungle on Bukit Timah Hill transforms the lives of a civil servant and his wife.

A Long Bicycle Ride Into The Sea

On the East Coast a young lawyer cycles into the sea to prove his love.

The Finger

An expatriate wife responds to her husband’s infidelity with a gift for their son. 

Death of a Clown

In a nursing home in Johor Bahru a son finally meets his dying father, a famous clown, and considers revenge.

A Girl and a Guy in a Kijang in Kemang

There is no escape from the past for two strangers in the back seat of a Kijang in a car park in Jakarta.

Other People’s Cats

After the death of his great aunt, a grieving student looking for closure and an alternative to loneliness takes a road trip back to a small Australian country town to say a final goodbye.

Idiot and Dog

In Adelaide, a young electrician longing to escape his demented mother begs his Singaporean Australian girlfriend to take in a stray dog.

A Fleeting Tenderness at the End of Night

Outside one of Singapore’s oldest night clubs, Zouk, a taxi drives away from a wealthy businessman and a hostess yearning for escape.