Add We Rose Up Slowly to Goodreads

Add We Rose Up Slowly to Goodreads

        Writing Desk, Singapore, 2011

        Writing Desk, Singapore, 2011

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We Rose Up Slowly We Rose Up Slowly
reviews: 1
ratings: 1 (avg rating 5.00)

A Luxury We Cannot Afford: An Anthology of Singapore Poetry A Luxury We Cannot Afford: An Anthology of Singapore Poetry
reviews: 2
ratings: 28 (avg rating 3.93)

From the Belly of the Cat From the Belly of the Cat
reviews: 4
ratings: 23 (avg rating 3.83)

Eastern Heathens Eastern Heathens
reviews: 1
ratings: 21 (avg rating 3.24)


My published fiction includes:

Short Story Collection

Individual Short Stories

  • The Looker
    - In Transit, edited by Ruihe Zhang & Yu-Mei Balasinghamchow, Math Paper Press, forthcoming Nov 2016
  • The Model
    - Esquire Singapore, April 2016
  • Other People's Cats
    - From the Belly Of The Cat, edited by Stephanie Ye, Math Paper Press,  Nov 2013
  • A Girl & A Guy in A Kijang in Kemang
     - Eastern Heathens, An Anthology of Subversive Asian Folklore, edited by Ng Yi-Sheng & Amanda Lee Koe, Ethos Books, March 2013
  • Death of A Clown
    - QLRS April 2012
  • Coast aka A Long Bicycle ride Into The Sea
    - Singapore Love Stories, edited by Verena Tay, Monsoon Books, Nov 2016
    - Coast, edited by Daren Shiau & Lee Wei Fen, Math Paper Press, Singapore 2011
  • We Rose Up Slowly
    - Ceriph No1, Math Paper Press, Singapore 2010

Prose Poetry

  • The White Trash of Asia
    - A Luxury We Cannot Afford - An Anthology of Singapore Poetry, edited by Christine Chia & Joshua Ip, Math Paper Press, Nov 2014

Flash Fiction


In Progress

  • Non fiction book on foreign workers in Singapore
  • Bangkok Corporate Story
  • The Eurasian in History
  • The Gift
  • The Train
  • The Bag
  • The Crash
  • Etc/Etc

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