3. Can you tell us a little about each of the stories in We Rose Up Slowly?

  • In the title story, We Rose Up Slowly, as gravity leaks away, a young couple decide whether to follow her parents and rise up slowly.
  • In Rashid at The Sail, a young man, kicked out of home by his mother, retreats to his brother’s luxury condominium to work out what to do with his life.
  • In Walking Backwards Up Bukit Timah Hill, a strange beast lurking in the jungle transforms the lives of a civil servant and a teacher.
  • In A Long Bicycle Ride Into The Sea at the East Coast a young lawyer is challenged to get wet to prove his love.
  • An expatriate wife responds to her husband’s infidelity with a gift for their son in The Finger.
  • In Death of a Clown, a son finally meets his dying father in a Johor Bahru nursing home, and considers revenge.
  • There is no escape from the past for two strangers in the back seat of a car park in Jakarta in A Girl and a Guy in a Kijang in Kemang.
  • After the death of his great aunt, a student looking for closure returns to a small Australian country town for one last goodbye in Other People’s Cats.
  • Idiot and Dog is set in Adelaide where a young electrician, held back in life by his fragile mother, begs his Singaporean Australian girlfriend to take in a stray dog.
  • In A Fleeting Tenderness at the End of Night outside one of Singapore’s famous night clubs, Zouk, a taxi drives away from a wealthy businessman and a hostess yearning for escape.

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